Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need to Earn Extra $$$?

Did you know that there is a way to earn money online by writing reviews? Shared Reviews is a completely legit online website that pays you to write reviews. As their website says,

"Each month, we allocate a certain amount of real cash for our community in order to reward their contributions. This can vary from one or two thousand to much, much more depending on the programs, incentives, and sponsors we have in a given month. We always announce at the beginning of a given month how much will be given to the community and what the incetives are so you know what you're working towards before you even start."

I am currently ranked 65th place out of the several thousand users after only writing 10 solid reviews, and expect to be payed soon. I have asked several users on Shared Reviews if they were actually paid and they all replied positively. If you are going to sign up, please put Robomaster in the referral section. Thank you very much, and happy earning!

-My SharedReview Profile (Any votes would be greatly appreciated!)


R.G. said...

Very cool new site! pay ten bucks and you can get your own domain name. =D

Robomaster said...

Ya I'm thinking of converting it to wordpress. Hard choice. Wordpress has more options but blogger is easier. And its integrated into all of google's cool stuff.

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