Friday, July 31, 2009

Is Google Chrome Taking Over?

With so many huge changes taking place right now in the technology world, anything can happen. While Internet Explorer and FireFox have been leading the browser competition for the longest time, is Chrome going to jump ahead?

Chrome is currently the fastest Internet browser available on the market. That's a pretty good first point! However, speed is not everything when it comes to a browser. Of course, Chrome uses Google's search engine to do pretty much any searching, but they take a new approach to the traditional one-box-for-searching and one-box-for-website-addresses idea. Chrome uses one box for everything, whether for searching the Internet, history, bookmarks, or entering an address:

Tabs are much for efficient than in Firefox and Internet Explorer, and the clean, simple interface allows you to get much more done in a shorter amount of time.

So, what's not to like? Chrome's got everything, so we should all ditch IE, Firefox and the rest, right? If only so. Firefox's huge database of add-ons stand as a large barrier from those wanting to use Chrome, and Internet Explorer already has so many users that things are going to be hard for Google's Browser.

However, with Microsoft giving the choice to install rival browsers on Windows PCs, and the much-anticipated Google OS still yet to be released, who knows? Much could still change.

I am using Chrome right now and love it. I still have Firefox for it's addons, but I doubt I will keep it for long. I suggest you try Chrome out, you may just find it to suit you better than your current browser.